At Firmafon we almost always concentrate updates into Github’s pull reqeusts. This provides a nice overview of the changes and an obvious place to discuss them. Here’s two scripts that I use to make this process even easier.

The first one’s called last_commit_message:

git --no-pager log -1 --pretty=%B | sed -e "s/^ *//g" -e "s/ *$//g" | tr -d "\n"

This outputs the last commit’s message, inline without anything else but the message.

The other is called prl:

#!/bin/sh -x
set -e

git push -u
url=`hub pull-request "$last_msg"`
open "$url"

This get’s the last commit’s message for use as the pull request’s title. Then it pushes to a remote branch.

Then using Github’s hub command (brew install hub) it creates a pull request from the current HEAD, catches the returned url and open’s it.