UPDATE 2015-10-11: Turns out, on a clean install /usr/local is still writable – even with SIP turned on.

I’ve been running the beta of OS X 10.11 El Capitan for some months and there’ve been very few hiccups. So full sail ahead on the update I say.

Upgrading to the GM broke my homebrew though. I think the days of using /usr/local might be over as El Capitan does some stuff to enforce even stricter permissions than a simple chown can get rid of.

So I’m moving out! Someone (forgot who or where – sorry!) mentioned in a Github issue thread how he’d been running his homebrew out of /Users/Shared/Developer for some months with no problems, so that’s what I did:

Installing Homebrew outside of /usr/local

$ git clone https://github.com/Homebrew/homebrew.git /Users/Shared/Developer

Now, that directory’s bin directory isn’t in your $PATH (like /usr/local/bin is automatically) so we need to add it. Open up ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc – whatever your preference – and add this:

export BREW_PATH=/Users/Shared/Developer
export PATH="$BREW_PATH/bin:$PATH"

Done. Run brew doctor to confirm.

Install taglib-ruby gem with Homebrew outside /usr/local

$ brew install taglib
$ gem install taglib-ruby -- --with-tag-dir=$BREW_PATH/Cellar/taglib/1.9.1/