DuckDuckGo has a slew of bang methods that let you do all sorts of things with your search terms. One of them is just the bang (!) that’ll automatically go to the topmost result. Like Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky”.

How can we do that on Google aswell? Using dotjs! Long story short, dotjs let’s you write javascript files that run after sites load eg. ~/.js/ in this instance.

(function (window, document) {
  'use strict'


  // Parse the search string to an object
  var params =
  .replace(/^\?/, '')
  .reduce(function (params, kv) {
    kv = kv.split('=')
    params[kv[0]] = kv[1]
    return params
  }, {})

  // See if the ?q param contains a bang
  if (params.q.match(/\!/)) {
    // Click the topmost result
    document.querySelector('h3.r a').click()
})(window, document)