If you’re using vim (you should) and vim-plug for plugins (you should) and you have some plugins locally (you might) but still want your setup to be portable (you should) then you might want to only load plugins locally if they exist (here’s how).

function! s:maybeLocalPlug(args)
  let l:localPath = $HOME . "/dev/" . expand(a:args)

  if isdirectory(l:localPath)
    Plug l:localPath
    Plug 'mikker/' . expand(a:args)

call s:maybeLocalPlug('lightline-theme-pencil')
call s:maybeLocalPlug('vim-rerunner')
call s:maybeLocalPlug('vim-dimcil')
call s:maybeLocalPlug('vim-colors-paramount')

This checks to see if the plugin exists locally at ~/dev/plugin-name and if it doesn’t it loads from good old Github.